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His Fest 2012: Arrogalla, Cannibal Movie, Fuzz Orchestra, Iosonouncane, Karate Lessons, Modular Quartet, Nick Rivera, Paus, Rigolò, Rippers, Signorafranca, Slovenly & Blind Willie Zambon, Sulthan Bathery, Sun Glitters, Vadoinmessico, Welcome Back Sailors, Wora Wora Washington, Za!

Stay Down Fest: Above The Tree & E-Side, Acirne, Anchorsong, Arpxp, Arrogalla, Death in Plains, Diverting Duo, Dusty Kid & Claudio Prc, Hrdvision, La piramide di sangue, Love Boat, Rocketnumbernine

His Fest 2011: Bob Log III, A Classic Education, Zu, Star Slinger, Movie Star Junkies, Buzz Aldrin, Iosonouncane, Welcome Back Sailors, In Zaire, Antonello Salis, Duke Garwood, Naive New Beaters, Bobsleigh Baby, Blind Beast, Musica da cucina, Father Murphy, Be My Delay, Plasma Expander, Trees of Mint, Thee Oops, Flying Sebadas 

His Fest 2010: Oneida, Buzz Aldrin, Drink to Me, Criminal Jokers, Everybody Tesla, His Clancyness, Comaneci, Musica per bambini, GI Joe, Fair Ohs, Cold Pumas, Su Contrattu Seneghesu, Three Second Kiss, Raw Rave Groove, Love Boat, Vanvera, Signorafranca, Trees of Mint, Tavrvs, Two Bit Dezperados, Mujeres, Jonesin, My Bubba and Mi, Bradien

His Fest 2009: Mahjonng, Strange Boys, Feeling of Love, Oh! Atoms, Death of Anna Karina, Movie Star Junkies, Love Boat, R.U.N.I., Camillas, Above the Trees, No Seduction, Plasma Expander, Vanvera, Miss Chain & the Broken Heels, Li Capputtini 'I Lignu, The Calorifer Is Very Hot, Golfclvb, Home Alone, Arpxp, Microwave with Marge, Trees of Mint, Raw Rave Groove, Diverting Duo, Takoma, Feel Dizzy, Soulvixen vs Caveman